Why LF

LF is a small and unique advisory firm, acting on the Polish and CEE market for the better part of 15 years.  We focus on a few clients and a few sectors, and have an enviable closing record.  On the following pages, we seek to provide some colour on our approach to advisory work, which is rooted in the old City tradition of merchant banking.  We are happy to talk and to brainstorm ideas.  

If a mandate emerges from that, the better.  If not, no worries.  It’s good to start a dialogue and to go from there. 

What Makes Us Different?

When you retain us, you know that we appreciate your way of thinking and take a long-term view.  Some of the best deals that we have done for our clients are those for which no tombstones exist.

Telling a Good Story

Many studies have concluded that the human brain is much more susceptible to reason when it is being presented with a good story.  All of us who have toiled over endless number of power point slides know that ‘a picture tells more than a thousand words’.  And many pictures make a good movie.

Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

At LF, we think that ethics comes first, second and third. Moreover, we hold that we have a responsibility to share some of our fee income with those less fortunate, and to support worthwhile initiatives that allow talented young people to shoot for their dreams. 

Why Poland?

We count ourselves fortunate to have been part of Poland's transition from command to market economy, to have been witnesses to the ever-rising numbers of skyscrapers and shopping malls that reflect the growth in purchasing power of companies and the growing middle class, and to be able to contribute to these developments from time to time.