Welcome to Lasanoz Finance, an M&A and corporate finance
boutique firm with a dedicated advisory team.
We are based in Warsaw but act globally when called upon.

We had suspended our advisory activity from 2012-15, when the team went ‘in-house’ for one of our loyal clients, Abris Capital, but have done select advisory work since mid-2015 (see The Latin American Job), and as of January 2018 we are fully open for business again, having concluded our duties for Abris.

We intend to go back to doing what we do best:  work with select clients in a focused manner to deliver honest advice, sound understanding of business models and industry economics, and create integrated client-advisory teams to deliver on your objectives, whether those are:

  • Appraising your strategic options, including bringing in minority or majority investors
  • Selling your business to the best buyer on the best possible terms
  • Growing your business by executing a domestic or international M&A opportunity
  • Securing incremental financing through raising debt or equity
  • Improving your balance sheet structure, through a refinancing, a dividend recap, or other suitable corporate finance solutions
  • Assisting you in your corporate governance by serving as a non-executive director on supervisory boards (on a selective basis).

We believe that only dedication, professionalism, focus and hard work have a chance of generating results for you. If we do not think that we have the team or know-how to assist you effectively, we will say so and refer you to colleagues who can do a better job.

We take on only a few mandates a year so we can focus on bringing every one of those to a successful conclusion.  To do so, we rely on a core set of team members of various levels of seniority and skills, including Executive Directors, Directors, Managers and Associates. Where necessary and desired, we will integrate into the team one or more of our select Senior Advisers / LF Alumni. Our Senior Advisers are seasoned executives and bankers, many of which primarily hold or have held senior executive positions in those industries in which we have a long track record of advising in, such as telecoms, media/internet, energy, utilities, infrastructure, and capital markets.  On a case-by-case basis, these senior advisers may reinforce a core LF advisory team with their expertise and industry-specific know-how.

We generally advise only on deals above EUR 50m / PLN 200m in value, but do get in touch if you want float an idea or start a dialogue, and we will take it from there!