What We Do

LF has focused for the better part of 20 years on two things:  

  1. To explain the benefits of locating and/or owning business in PL/CEE to strategic investors from around the globe, and to assist them to get there; and
  2. To assist private equity firms investing in the region to maximize value, and to seek out opportunities in the equity and debt markets.

Where our skills need a complementary partner, we work with such partners, whether these are specialty consultancies, law firms, or select investment banking peers from London and elsewhere.

Our Services

We stay ‘close to our knitting’ and focus only on a few products. We only work in sectors that we either understand very well, or where we are confident that we can get up the learning curve quickly.  No generalists here and no bullshitting. 

Our Private Equity Competences

We have a well-grounded understanding of how private equity thinks, what makes it thrive, how relentless the pressure to identify value enhancements is, how no stone is left unturned.

Our Partners

We have been fortunate to be able to act as coverage bankers and local execution team for a number of major investment banks. We also count ourselves lucky to have earned the respect and recommendations of our various legal partners, as well as our friends and colleagues in the big four.